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304 stainless steel bar with large stock and factory price

  304 stainless steel bar is easy to machine and stamp and can be welded. It exhibits high strength and toughness, high corrosion resistance and a smooth surface that is easily cleaned and sanitized.


  • Shapes: round,flat, Square,angle,hollow,hexagonal
  • Specifications: ASTM A582, AMS 5640, AMS QQ-S-764B Cond A
  • Grade:304
  • Surface :Black, bright, pickled


  • Structural supports, braces, and framework for tanks, equipment and machinery
  • Supports for housings, enclosures and cabinets
  • Shafts and rods for axles in motors and engines
  • Engines and motor components
  • Components for food processing equipment and medical devices

Chemical composition

  • Carbon( C):0.08 max
  • Chrome (Cr):18.0-20.0
  • Manganese (Mn):2.00 max
  • Nickel ( Ni):8.0 - 10.50
  • Phosphorus (P):0.045 max
  • Sulphur (S):0.030 max
  • Silicon (Si):0.75 max

Mechanical Properties

  • Tensile Strength: 75,000psi
  • Yield Strength:30,000psi
  • Elongation:40%
  • Hardness:Rb 92 max

304 stainless steel bar stock

Jaway Steel has many 304 stainless steel bar stock with factory price in China

All products are in inch sizes and can be provided upon request. Through bar finishing, we can also cut the bars to the right length according to the customer's requirements and provide the corresponding packaging.

Supplier and factory

Look to Jaway Steel for stainless steel bar in 304. With a variety of grades. our stock lengths can be customized for your applications by sawing, punching, drilling, milling, welding and bending. Our precision saws provide fast and tight tolerance cuts.

Our extensive inventory of 304 stainless steel bar helps to ensure steady supply for all your critical applications

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