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316 stainless steel bar,price from supplier

316 Stainless Steel Round provides superior corrosion resistance and increased strength at elevated temperatures when compared to 304 Stainless.

Widely known as a food grade stainless or marine grade, 316 Stainless is ideally suited for corrosion resistance against a wide range of chemical and acidic corrodents, and marine environment applications.


  • Grade:316
  • Shape:square,round hollow,hex,flat
  • Standard: T316/316L; ASTM A276, A479, A580; AMS 5648 / 5653; QQS-763
  • Finsh: mill shiny finish, smooth surface, not polished
  • Applications: food production, pharmaceutical equipment, furnace parts, heat exchangers, valves and pumps, chemical equipmen,etc

Chemical composition

  • Cr: 16.00-18.00
  • Ni: 10.00-14.00,
  • C: .08 Max
  • Mn: 2.00 Max
  • Si: 1.00 Max.
  • Mo: 2.00-3.00

Mechanical properties

  • Yield Point:35/30,000 psi
  • Tensile Strength: 80/75,000 psi
  • Elongation in 2": 60%
  • Elasticity:28 ksi
  • Brinell Hardness:170/160
  • Machinabilty Rate:45%

316 stainless steel bar stock

Jaway Steel has many 316 stainless steel bar stock in China

All products are in inch sizes and can be provided upon request. Through bar finishing, we can also cut the bars to the right length according to the customer's requirements and provide the corresponding packaging.


We have been specialized in steel field for more than 20 years, and in foreign trade for more than 10 years, time equals experience, experience means the best service. we can provide you 316 Stainless Steel Bar with high quality and factory price. welcome to our factory!

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