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Stainless steel black rod

Time:2018-09-13 18:22Author:jawaysteel
[Stainless steel black stick overview]
Stainless steel black bars are stainless steel bars that are black and thick and directly hot rolled.
Classification of stainless steel bars: According to the shape, they can be roughly divided into: stainless steel round bars, stainless steel square bars, stainless steel hexagon bars.
According to the surface treatment, it can be divided into: stainless steel black rod, stainless steel acid white rod, stainless steel bright rod, stainless steel grinding rod.
[Stainless steel black rod application range]
Stainless steel black rods are widely used in petroleum, electronics, chemical, pharmaceutical, textile, food, machinery, construction, nuclear power, aerospace, military and other industries!
[Stainless steel black rod calculation formula]
Diameter (mm) × diameter (mm) × 0.00623 = kg / m

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